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A VOICE FORM THE COCOON is a collection of some of my most personal and painful struggles, all written while I was going through cancer treatment. The emotions were raw and real. And the words, all pulled out of the deepest recesses of my chemo-influenced mind. May these stories inspire you!

Glenda C. Resurreccion

About the Author

GLENDA C. RESURRECCION is a two-time breast cancer survivor

Case: Stage 3C invasive ductal carcinoma

Breast tissue panel: ER, PR HER2nue positive for the fist diagnosis

ER+, PR- and HER2neu negative for the second diagnosis

Treatment protocol (total): 8 cycles of chemotherapy, 18 cycles of immunotherapy, 40 rounds of radiation

Treatment period: 2 years, January 2018 until December 2019

Cancer-focused advocacies:
–To spread awareness on breast cancer and healthy living through WEBINARS, Facebook articles and vlogs (Youtube: Glenda Resurreccion).
–To provide pertinent information, emotional, and spiritual support to cancer warriors, survivors and families through an online support group, PINKY TOWN.

Glenda's Journey

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