Dear Brave Warrior,

CONGRATULATIONS! You have just made one of the wisest decisions you will ever make for yourself and your family during cancer treatment: Grabbing your personal, 24/7, and forever copy of STAGE 3G: GRIT, GRACE, and GRATEFULNESS. This book is a product of more than two years of hard work to make your chemo treatment more manageable, organized and empowering! We believe in you! You got STAGE 3G! So, you got this! 

Pinky Town Salute, 

GLENDA and Team Pinky Town

Why I wrote the book STAGE 3G: GRIT, GRACE and GRATEFULNESS (What You Need to Survive Chemotherapy Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually)

 This book is collection of Chemo Survival Tips and Wisdom that I gathered during my 18-month battle with cancer. Instead of having to ask so many different people, which is totally fine if you have both the time and energy, these nuggets of truth have been put together, in one book, to help you and your family in your chemo journey. I remember one particular immunotherapy session at a government hospital where a lady, also on chemo, started asking me questions about managing her side effects. I willingly shared what I knew. She later took out a small notebook (or was it her phone), and started jotting down the tips I was sharing with her. It felt like an ambush interview. That conversation was followed by more similar conversations with other chemo patients on how to understand and treat the visible physical side effects of this radical adjuvant treatment that millions, cancer patients or not, dread. We’d never had cancer in the family. I knew nothing about this chronic illness, much less about chemotherapy nor how to survive it. Fortunately, I had my initial treatments in a huge hospital where I got adequate instructions from all my doctors (surgeon, oncologist and radio oncologist) on how to deal with chemo and radiation side effects. I also purchased books on cancer and chemo which I devoured even during my down days. I researched, read, interviewed survivors and educated myself and my caregivers on managing the physical side effects of chemo. I decided to be chemo savvy in order to survive. 

But there’s more to chemo than losing hair, nails turning violet then later falling off the nail beds, mouth sores, metallic taste, joint pains, back pains and chest pains. There’s also denial, anger, fear, bargaining, depression (in some cases) and tons of other emotional, psychological and spiritual disturbance. And as chemo drugs destroyed cancer cells in my physical body, internal torment ravaged my soul. It was like fighting off unexpected enemies that kept emerging from all sides while I was awake and creeping into my nightmares while I was asleep. I had to learn to fight while in the heat of battle. Dealing with a concoction of sufferings as result of a cocktail of chemo drugs was indeed daunting. And I’m truly grateful I survived to tell you that you can too! This book was written for four main reasons: 

1.) To help patients understand their side effects, the changes in their bodies and their myriad of temperaments while on chemo. 

2.) To guide chemo warriors in treating/ managing chemo side effects PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY, PSYCHOLOGICALLY and SPIRITUALLY. 

3.) To inform the families, caregivers, and friends of the gravity of the challenge and how they may help chemo patients to survive and thrive. 

4.) To share a message of hope to those who are afraid to wage a radical war against the little “c” through chemotherapy. It’s tough, yes. But just like any rocky terrain, there are strategic ways to navigate it…and succeed at it. 

If you or someone you know is battling cancer, or caring for a chemo patient or ministering to one, STAGE 3G: GRIT, GRACE AND GRATEFULNESS is for you. And it is my honor to share these life and sanity saving tips, neatly interwoven within the fabrics of these raw and real personal stories that shaped me into the person I am today. And if someone would ask me why I think God allowed cancer to touch my life, I would humbly say: this book…STAGE 3G. TO WRITE. AND SHARE IT. WITH YOU. Let’s embark on this journey together. And I want you to have your own copy of this amazing chemo survival guide in your hands while at it! Grab your copy now!